Mr. Adil Khan Founder & CEO

Areas of Expertise
  • Expansion of AMS Hospitality Group
  • Global growth strategy
  • Extensive senior management experience
  • Ability to create cross-cultural strategic campaigns
  • Hospitality/Business Administration, NVCC/George Mason University, USA

Adil Khan is Founder/CEO of AMS Hospitality Group. A 30-year veteran of the hospitality industry, Mr. Khan provides AMS Hospitality Group with a truly global perspective, as he brings extensive senior management experience and dedication. He has dedicated his career to quality service, exceptional operational results and a focused commitment to excellence within the Hospitality Industry. Mr. Khan has a finely tuned ability to create cross-cultural strategic campaigns.

“Our strategic decisions must drive our business to earn better than expected returns for our clients. Period.”

His years of experience and growth in all positions have gained him a well-rounded and detailed understanding of what it takes to win in today’s Hospitality/Tourism environment. His career began in front office at Twin Bridges Marriott and then to Marriott Corporate in management, franchise sales and construction which grew over the years into hotel operations/ownership of hotels. Over the years Mr. Khan held many key positions which ultimately lead to managing his own properties in Washington DC, VA, MD & NY. His experience is in both Full Service and Select services properties. In each situation his drive to succeed lead to exceptional results which in turn lead to operational awards and brand service recognition

As a lifelong hotelier and business leader, Adil takes great pride in his ability to effectively utilize and balance strategic thinking and resonant leadership to lead AMS Hospitality Group. These complimentary abilities combine to provide Adil with the horsepower, collectively through his team and his strategies, it needs to maximize returns for our clients. At the end of the day, Adil knows that, “Our strategic decisions must drive our business to earn better than expected returns for our clients. Period.”

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