In modern hotel business, it is all about competence in people, and especially the employees’ qualities. The level of service quality depends on the qualities of employees. The qualities are about knowledge, skills and thoughts which lead to the hospitality & tourism survival and development. Therefore, staff training is essential in many ways. It increases productivity while employees are armed with professional knowledge, experienced skills and valid thoughts; staff training also motivates and inspires workers by providing employees all needed information in work as well as help them to recognize how important their jobs are.

Training and development can be seen as a key instrument in the implementation of HRM practices and policies. Successful hotels always include staff training as their important development strategy.

Benefits of trained staff

Enhanced Capabilities
Strengthens Competitive Advantage
Improve Personal Character
Quality Services
Boost Professional Abilities

Reaping the benefits of training

It is the crucial path of motivating employees and increasing productivity in the business. With the development of the technologies and the whole business environment, employees are requested to be more skilled and qualified, even if you are a good employee today, you could be out of the line some other day if you do not keep studying. A company needs organized staff training if wants to be competitive, among others.

Staff training is the key task to help everyone in the company to be more united. An enterprise could hire experienced employees or train employees to be skilled. When the company trains their own staff, by providing and forming a harmonious atmosphere, accurate work specification and the passion of work, team spirit will be built between employees and management team within the process.

Benefits the Staff

Staff training enhances the capabilities of employees and strengthens their competitive advantage. Effective training will improve the personal characters and professional abilities. Not only employees, management and organization would benefit from staff training, customers and guests benefit as well, because of the received quality services.

Benefits the Employee

Increases job satisfaction and recognition. During the training, employees will be introduced what is the work about, how. to do, what kind of role does the job play in the whole business, it helps them to understand their work better.

Benefits the Management

Aids in evaluating employee performance. People who are responsible for training will find out those employees during training, who are quick learners, who have better knowledge and skills, so that different methods of training can be chosen; therefore, better results will be acquired. This also aids in sustaining systems and standards.