Who’s AMS?

Established in 2008 based in Virginia, USA. We wanted to offer services which were looked from the owner’s perspective. Being in those shoes for years and had experience with well-known companies gave us an edge to understand both sides.

Our three-decade long experience in North America and Africa and working in these uncommon destinations provides AMS with valuable insights, local knowledge and cultural sensitivities that we share with all our guests through genuine connections in each community. As our portfolio continues to grow, we remain committed to our signature inspired cutting edge design, realized in each new location according to that region’s history and traditions, with great respect for the local environment.

AMS Hospitality Group is a hotel Consulting/Training/ Marketing/Management company that combines the expertise of a truly global executive team dedicated to hospitality excellence. AMS Hospitality prides itself on an open, approachable leadership style and recognizes that the relationships and mutual trust established with our partners are the fundamental basis for the success of any hospitality company. Their needs and concerns are our driving force. Since its inception AMS Hospitality has successfully provided the full range of services to limited/full-service hotels & Tourism sector throughout the Globe.


Building on the recognized success of our first twenty years, AMS enters its third decade with significant global expansion plans. While remaining anchored in North America, our development program over the next few years includes new AMS brands for Hotels & Resorts in Pakistan. Our ability to provide significant financial returns to our owners and investors is well matched by AMS’s consistent delivery of exceptional and authentic guest experiences around the world.

The signature AMS style is best defined as contemporary interpretations of Asian designs combined with distinctive local touches to create inspired, memorable spaces. AMS Hospitality’s expertise includes the ability to manage projects from their earliest developmental stages. This early involvement can result in substantial savings in terms of cost and time; in addition, it can optimize long-term operational efficiencies and create greater guest satisfaction.

Services in Pakistan

Online/hands on training

Training and development can be seen as a key instrument in the implementation of HRM practices and policies.

Online Monitoring via PMS system

AHG will approach the objectives and strategies of your hotel to find a balance between prices and demand, thus attaining maximum profitability.

Interior Design & Landscape

When walking from indoors to out, there should be continuity. It should be in some way similar in character to what’s happening indoors.

Revenue Management

In order to make your hotel project a success, it is essential to immerse yourself in a good Revenue Management culture.