We are experts in Hospitality & Tourism sector, ask us how we can assist you with your project through our consulting services.
Adil Khan
Founder, AHG

If you feel overwhelmed with your project and that there are aspects of your project that you need to improve. we have the solution. We are a company specialized in Consulting that is prepared to offer you the resources you need and attain the results you want. We are going to show you solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. Let´s begin the journey towards the success of your business together.

Why Arayana?

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Maximum Profitability

AHG will approach the objectives and strategies of your project with a view to finding a balance between prices and demand, thus attaining maximum profitability.

In order to make your project a success, it is essential to immerse yourself in a good Revenue Management culture. Among other aspects, we will choose the most profitable distribution channels, we will implement strategies to increase revenue, we will apply yield management techniques, we will effectively manage operating costs and involve all the staff in this culture.

Technology plays an important role in the hospitality & tourism industry. It allows hotels to offer better options and to understand the individual needs of different guests. Ultimately though, it is the service that differentiates good from great hotels and so technology must be applied with a human touch.

Whether it is free Wi-Fi around the property, tablets in the room for booking a spa treatment or reading a menu, from check in to departure, technology is everywhere. However, while technology may be driving a host of services, that is not enough. In the end it is all about knowing your guest better and enhancing their experience.